Camp Young

Camp Young (115.80W 33.66N) was an important Army training center in the mountains west of Indio, California. It was established by General George Patton on 12 May 1942. With an acreage of 106,860 acres (43,245 hectares) in June 1944, it became the headquarters of the vast Desert Training Center. Rice Field (114.815W 34.065N) was acquired in September 1942 for ground support training.

As might be expected, few of the many units trained at Camp Young saw duty in the Pacific.

American infantry units trained at Camp Young for Pacific duty

6 Infantry Division (Sibert)     
Arrived 1942-11-29

81 Infantry Division (Mueller)     
Arrived 1943-7-17

American armored units trained at Camp Young for Pacific duty

711 Tank Battalion     
Arrived 1943-10-9

Road connections



California State Military Department (accessed 2008-7-16)

Stanton (2006)

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