Camp Pendleton

Photograph of temporary barracks at Camp Pendleton

U.S. Navy

Camp Pendleton (117.391W 33.224N) was a Marine Corps training center established on tbe former O'Neill ranch, which was located on the southern California coast between San Diego and the Los Angeles area. The land was purchased in April 1942 and the camp was officially opened on 25 September 1942 by President Roosevelt. With an area of over 125,000 acres (50,000 hectares) encompassing a wide variety of terrain, including 17 miles (27 km) of beach frontage, and with good rail connections to nearby metropolitan areas, the location was almost ideal for Marine Corps training.

The facility was planned to be able to house 20,000 Marines under training. There was to be a boat basin and an airfield to support exercises involving ground air support. Initially regarded as a temporary facility, its buildings were wood frame rather than steel and concrete. By November 1942 the airfield had a 6000' (1830 m) runway and 50,000 gallons (189,000 liters) gasoline storage. The boat basin was located just north of Oceanside (117.401W 33.210N) and had a 900' by 1200' by 12' deep (275m by 365m by 3.7m) sheltered area.

The amphibious facilities were expanded tenfold following the battle of Tarawa and renewed emphasis on amphibious assault training.

Units trained at Camp Pendleton

4 Marine Division     

Rail connections




"Building the Navy's Bases" (accessed 2013-2-15)

Camp Pendleton Official Web Page (accessed 2009-4-25)

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