Camp O'Donnell

Camp O'Donnell (120.512E 15.375N) was the location of an uncompleted Philippine Army barracks and airstrip in central Luzon. The Japanese converted the camp into a prisoner of war camp following the Bataan surrender, and it was the destination of the Bataan Death March.

The camp became a hellhole. The commandant, whom the prisoners nicknamed "The Scarecrow", had a platform constructed near the gates from which he could lecture the arriving prisoners:

He would stand on that thing and give a long harangue to all arriving POWs. He would say we were not recognized as prisoners of war. We were nothing! The Japanese were going to fight this war for a thousand years.

Over 23,000 Allied prisoners died from starvation and brutal treatment by June 1942, when the camp was closed and the prisoners transferred to other camps.

Road connections


References (accessed 2008-12-19)

Camp O'Donnell: Provost Marshal Report (1945-11-19; accessed 2008-5-16)

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