Camp Anza

Photograph of Camp Anza

National Archives. Via

Camp Anza (117.46W 33.95N) was an important Army staging camp for the port of Los Angeles, established on 2 December 1942. It had an acreage of 1241 acres (502 hectares) and barracks for 9678 men in June 1944. The average stay was 8 to 10 days.

American armored units arriving at Camp Anza

28 Tank Battalion
Arrived 1945-8-5

American cavalry units arriving at Camp Anza

124 Cavalry Regiment
Arrived 1944-7-10

American artillery units arriving at Camp Anza

612 Field Artillery Battalion     
Arrived 1944-7-25
75mm pack howitzers
613 Field Artillery Battalion     
Arrived 1944-10-22     
75mm pack howitzers
430 Field Artillery Group
Arrived 1945-7-13

Road connections



California State Military Department (accessed 2008-7-18) (accessed 2010-8-7)

Stanton (2006)

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