Brown, John H., Jr.

As commander of Submarine Squadron Four, "Babe" Brown salvaged the career of "Mush" Morton, who later went on to become a legend in the submarine force. Brown established an intensive training program at Pearl Harbor, which included a TDC (Torpedo Data Computer) school to improve proficiency in submarine fire control.  An early advocate of wolf packs, he commanded a wolf pack in the Sea of Japan in the summer of 1943, becoming the oldest officer to make a war patrol during the war.

Brown took temporary command of the Pacific Fleet submarine force following the death of Admiral English until relieved by Lockwood. Lockwood developed a high opinion of Brown and even tried to persuade the Burea of Personnel to have Brown relieve Christie. When Brown was finally promoted to rear admiral, Lockwood tried to have him sent to command the Atlantic submarines; when this failed, Brown was made deputy commander of Pacific submarines.

Denied a submarine command, Brown instead took command of Cruiser Division 1 and of  North Pacific Force in the closing months of the war. During one of his sweeps, his force destroyed 11 small ships off the Kuriles.

Brown was "a huge and likable character" (Blair 1975) who had been a football coach at Annapolis.

Service record

Commander, S-42
Lieutenant commander     
Commander, SS Narwhal
Captain      Commander, CL Richmond

Commander, Submarine Squadron Four

Acting commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet
Rear admiral      Commander, Cruiser Division 1

Commander, North Pacific Force

Commander, 4 Naval District


Blair (1975)

Garfield (1965)

Morison (1959)

Naval Historical Center (accessed 2011-4-2)

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