Mark VIII, British Torpedo

Photograph of Mark
          VIIItorpedo being loaded onto submarine in Polish service

Wikimedia Commons


21" by 21'7"
53.3cm by 6.579m
3452 lbs
1566 kg
Range 5000 yards (4570m) at 45.5 knots
7000 yards (6400m) at 41 knots
Warhead 805 lbs Torpex
365 kg Torpex
Propulsion       Kerosene-air burner-cycle semi-diesel four-cylinder radial wet heater

The Mark VIII was first accepted in September 1932 following a design process that compared favorably with that of the problematic U.S. Mark 14, which the Mark VIII exceeded in most performance measures. Depth keeping problems had been ironed out and development of a magnetic detonator had been abandoned in favor of the completely reliable Type 3 contact detonator. The torpedo was supplied to submarines and motor torpedo boats and was the most heavily used British torpedo of the war. Some 3732 were expended by September 1944, which was 56.4% of the total British torpedo expenditure.

There were several slightly different versions, some optimized for external torpedo tubes and others capable of running as deep as 75 feet (23m) for antisubmarine use.

The Mark VIII remained in service as late as 1983.


Branfill-Cook (2014)

Campbell (1985)

Newpower (2006)

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