British Far East Fleet

The British Far East Fleet had responsibility for naval forces in all British possessions east of India.

Order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Royal Navy (Pound)

Far East Fleet (Philipps; at Changi)      

  Force Z (Philipps)

BB Prince of Wales

BC Repulse

CVL Hermes Under repair at Durban

814 Squadron

        18 Swordfish

Cruiser Division 9

CL Danae

CL Dragon

CL Durban

Destroyer Division Far East

DD Jupiter

DD Express

DD Electra

DD Encounter

Destroyer Division China Station

DD Tenedos

DD Thanet (at Hong Kong)

DD Scout (at Hong Kong)

DD Stronghold (at Hong Kong)      

East Indies Squadron Possibly at Ceylon?

CA Exeter

CA Cornwall (at Trincomalee)

CL Delhi (at Trincomalee)

CL Despatch (at Trincomalee)

CL Diomede (at Trincomalee)

PG Kedah


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