British Far East Command

Centered in Malaya, the British Far East Command had responsibility for land forces in all British possessions east of India.

Order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Far East Command (Brooke-Popham; at Fort Canning)      

Burma Command (McLeod; at Rangoon)

1 Glosters Battalion

3 Burma Rifles Battalion

1 Burma Division (Scott; at Toungoo)

1 Burma Brigade
Willmott places this brigade in the Shan States

2 Burma Brigade  (at Tavoy)       Scattered all over the Tenasserim airfields
      13 Indian Brigade (at Mandalay) Army reserve

16 Indian Brigade (at Tavoy)
Just completing movement to Burma when war broke out

Malaya Command (Percival) Total of 89,000 men, of which 20,000 were British, 15,200 Australian, 44,000 Indians, and 9800 presumably Malay.  Organized into 31 battalions,suggesting the 10 brigades below at 3 battalions each plus 1 more in the Malay garrison force. Attached:  a platoon of the Hong Kong and Singapore Artillery with a single 6" gun at Christmas Island

Singapore Fortress Division

III Corps (Heath; at Kuala Lumpur)

9 Indian Division (Barstow; at Kuantan)
        8 Indian Brigade (Kota Baharu)     
Had some relatively well-trained Dogra troops and was likely the only overstrength unit in the command.

12 Indian Brigade (at Port Dickson)       GOC reserve.  Best-trained unit in Malaya.

22 Indian Brigade (at Kuantan)

11 Indian Division (Murray-Lyon; at Jitra) 6 and 15 Indian Brigades

28 Indian Brigade (at Ipoh)

5/14 Punjab Battalion (at George Town)

3 SSVF (at George Town) Fortress unit

2/15 Punjab Battalion (at Kuching) Only British effectives in Borneo. One company at Miri.

Hong Kong Command (Maltby)

Hong Kong Volunteer Defense Corps Militia

Kowloon Brigade (at Kowloon) 2 Royal Scots, 5/7 Rajput, and 2/14 Punjab battalions with no supporting elements.

Hong Kong Brigade (at Hong Kong) 1 Middlesex, Winnipeg Grenadier, and Royal Rifles of Canada battalions with no supporting elements.


Bradley et al. (1992)

Morton (1953)

Prados (1995)

Willmott (1982) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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