British 4"/45 QF Mark 16 Dual-Purpose Gun

Photograph of 4"/45 gun mounts

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Ammunition Type
Contact or time fused HE fixed shell.
VT fused shells and Shark shells became available later in the war.
Weight of round 35 lbs
15.88 kg
Velocity 2660 feet per second
811 meters per second
Maximum elevation       80 degrees
Range 19,850 yards
18,150 meters
Altitude 39,000 feet
11,890 meters
Firing cycle 5 seconds

The Mark 16 mounted in a twin Mark 19 mount became the standard medium antiaircraft gun for the newer cruisers and destroyers of the Royal Navy. The mount was relatively simple, being unpowered and lacking an integral ammunition hoist (ammunition was passed from a fixed hoist into the back of the mount.) Singly mounted Mark 16s were used only by the Royal Australian Navy.

By the end of the war, the Mark 16 was being supplied with VT shells with radar proximity fuses and with Shark antisubmarine shells.

Photo Gallery

Rear of Mark XIX turret


Crew of Mark XIX turret at stations


Crew of Mark XIX turret at stations


Mark 16 guns being manufactured



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