British 0.303 Vickers K gun

Photograph of Vickers 0.303 machine gun as cockpit gun

Imperial War Museum. Via Wikimedia Commons


7.62 mm
Ammunition type     
AP or incendiary

Weight of projectile     

0.38 ounce
10.9 gram


2770 feet per second
845 meters per second
Rate of fire 950 rounds per minute
Gun weight
20 lbs
9 kg

The Vickers K (also known as the GO or VGO) was a gas-operated light machine gun fed from a 100-round double-row pan magazine. It was based on the Vickers-Berthier infantry machine gun and replaced the venerable Lewis of the First World War. It was used only in flexible mounts, a fixed version proving unsuccessful. Its rate of fire was inferior to that of the 0.303 Browning, which was used as a fixed gun in British aircraft.

The Vickers 0.303 Mark 5, which was used only on the Wirraway, likely closely resembled the K gun.

Williams and Gustin (2003)

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