British 14"/45 Mark 7 Gun

Photograph of 14"/45 quadruple gun turret Fair use may apply.


355.6 mm
Ammunition Type
APC shell with separate bagged propellant.
Standard HE and time fused HE shells were also available.
Projectile weight 1590 lbs
721 kg
Velocity 2483 feet per second
757 meters per second
Maximum elevation       40 degrees
Range 38,560 yards
35,260 meters
Firing cycle 30 seconds (design value). The complexity of the four-gun turret mechanisms and the lack of highly trained crews meant that the actual firing cycle in historical engagements was closer to 45 seconds.
100 rounds per gun (typically 95 APC, 5 timed HE)

This gun was mounted only on the King George V class of British battleships. It was something of an anachronism, since most of the older British battleships had 15" guns and most other nations were planning to use 16" guns on their new battleships. A few of these guns were used for shore defense.


Campbell (1985)

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