Boulder Dam

Photograph of Boulder Dam in 1942

National Archives. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Boulder Dam (114.738W 36.016N), built between 1931 and 1937, was one of the great public works of the Depression era. Construction required over 5 million barrels of Portland cement and 4.5 million cubic yards of aggregate. The dam originally was equipped with four 82,500 kW and one 40,000 kW generators, producing cheap electrical power that later supplied the defense industries of southern California.

The dam was originally to be named Hoover Dam, but this was changed to Boulder Dam during the Roosevelt administration prior to the Pacific War. (Hoover was President when the project began, but was defeated for reelection by Roosevelt, who felt considerable antipathy for his predecessor.) The name was changed back to Hoover Dam shortly after the end of the Pacific War.


Bureau of Reclamation (accessed 2014-5-10)

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