Bonaventure, British Submarine Tender

Photograph of HMS Bonaventure

Imperial War Museum #FL 2696. Via Wikimedia Commons



10,423 tons


487' by 63' by 30'
148.4m by 19.2m by 9.1m

Maximum speed      

16 knots


2 4"/40 dual purpose guns
12 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2-shaft triple expansion and exhaust turbine

Bonaventure was originally built for the Clan Line but was converted to a midget submarine depot ship on 26 January 1943. She transited the Panama Canal on 21 February 1945 en route to Australia with six type XE midget submarines. These subsequently staged a number of raids in the Singapore area, badly damaging heavy cruiser Takao and cutting a number of submarine cables.

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