Bolster Class, U.S. Rescue And Salvage Ships

Photograph of USS Conserver, a Bolster-class rescue and salvage ship

National Archives #80-G-1001125. Via


Tonnage 1497 tons light
2048 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 213'6" by 39' by 14'8"
65.07m by 11.89m by 4.47m
Maximum speed       15 knots
Complement 120
Armament 2 40mm Bofors AA guns
2-shaft diesel-electric (2780 shp)
9000 miles
14,500 km
Armament seems to have varied considerably between units

The Bolsters were improved Divers that reached service just as the war was winding down. In addition to crews of divers, each ship had two fire pumps capable of pumping 4000 gallons of water per minute onto a nearby ship. The forward boom could lift 20 tons and the aft boom 8 tons, and the ships were equipped with Almon Johnson Towing machines holding 2100 feet of 2 inch wire rope that could sustain a maximum pull of 50 tons. The ships could lift 150 tons off the ocean bottom using its main bow rollers, and they were equipped with a complete machine shop, diving pressure chamber, and extensive stores.

We list only the units completed before the Japanese surrender.

Units in the Pacific:

completed 1945-5-1 (Napa)
completed 1945-6-9 (Napa)
completed 1945-7-21 (Napa)


DANFS (accessed 2011-3-13) (accessed 2011-3-13)

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