Bayfield Class, U.S. Attack Transports

Photograph of Bayfield-class attack transport

ONI 222

Schematic diagram of Bayfield class attack transport

ONI 222


Tonnage 8920 tons light
12,900 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 492' by 69'6" by 26'6"
150.0m by 21.2m by 3.2m
Maximum speed       18 knots
Complement 575
Armament 2 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
18 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1-shaft General Electric geared turbine (8500 shp)
2 Foster-Wheeler boilers
1282 tons
Cargo 3980 deadweight tons or 180,536 cubic feet (5112 cubic meters)
Passengers Normal 82 officers and 1420 men
Maximum 2000
Light antiarcraft increased to 4x2 40mm, 12x2 20 mm

The Bayfields were completed from 1943 to 1945. They were Maritime Commission standard C3-S-A2 passenger and cargo ships converted to troop transports. They had three sets of triple Welin davits on each side and had a nominal 4 LCMs, 18 LCVPs, 3 LCPLs and 2 LCPRs to get the troops and cargo ashore. They also had two 30-ton booms and six 10-ton booms.

The class is sometimes divided by builder, those built by Western Pipe being assigned to the Bayfield class and those built by Ingalls assigned to the Custer class. They differed only in detail, the Custers having a slightly smaller displacement (7845 tons light displacement).

Six units were fitted out as squadron flagships/relief AGCs for division headquarters by extending the superstructure aft of the funnels to add a flag plot and flag bridge and by adding a small deckhouse aft of the superstructure for a CIC, general's cabin, and other staff quarters. The forward set of Weilin davits was removed to compensate the weight. These ships are sometimes listed separately as the Cambria class.

Units in the Pacific:

completed 1943-9-30 (San Francisco)
Callaway arrived 1943-10
Bolivar arrived 1943-10-15
DuPage arrived 1943-10-17
Cambria arrived 1943-12 Completed as squadron flagship
Fayette arrived 1943-12-6
Custer arrived 1943-12-18
Clay completed 1943-12-21 (San Francisco)     

Elmore arrived 1944-1-1 Completed as squadron flagship
Cavalier arrived 1944-2 Refitted as squadron flagship
Fremont arrived 1944-3-1
Leon arrived 1944-3-23
Knox arrived 1944-4-14
Lamar arrived 1944-5-20
completed 1944-5-22 (Portland)
Cecil completed 1944-9-15 (Portland)
Hansford completed 1944-10-12 (San Francisco)
Bayfield arrived 1944-11 Refitted as squadron flagship
Goodhue completed 1944-11-11 (San Francisco)
Chilton arrived 1944-12 Completed as squadron flagship
Burleigh arrived 1944-12-13
Goshen arrived 1944-12-13
Lavaca completed 1944-12-17 (Portland)
Mendocino arrived 1944-12-17
Henrico arrived 1944-12-20 Completed as squadron flagship
Dade arrived 1944-12-21
Grafton completed 1945-1-5 (San Francisco)
Montour arrived 1945-1-15-4
Riverside arrived 1945-1-30
Dauphin arrived 1945-2-21
Westmoreland       arrived 1945-2-28
Hanover arrived 1945-5-13
Hampton arrived 1945-5-26
Sitka arrived 1945-7-11



Friedman (2002)

NavSource.Org (accesssed 2008-1-11)

ONI 222 (1945-9-1)

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