Photograph of Auckland in 1908

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 101489

Auckland (174.77E 36.85S) is the best port anywhere near the Solomon Islands.  Its chief disadvantages were its distance from the combat zone, its dismal weather, and a powerful longshoreman union that refused to work in the rain even in wartime.  The shipyard included the Calliope Dry Dock, which at 504’ was not quite long enough for a cruiser, and His Majesty's New Zealand Dockyard at Bevenport could overhaul four destroyer-sized ships at a time. The area boasted an airfield and a complete brigade of coastal artillery and was garrisoned by a battalion of militia. However, emphasis gradually shifted from Auckland to Noumea as the principal Allied fleet base in the South Pacific.

Rail connections:


Powerline connections


Climate Information:

Elevation: 85'

Temperatures: Jan 73/60, Apr 67/56, Jul 56/46, Oct 63/52, record 90/33

Rainfall: Jan 10/3.1, Apr 14/3.8, Jul 21/5.7, Oct 16/4.0 == 49.1" per annum


Carter (1952; accessed 2011-11-12)

Pearce and Smith (1990) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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