Photograph of Astoria, Oregon

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 106710

Astoria (123.861W 46.185N) was founded in 1811 as a fur-trading post on the mouth of the Colombia River.  It was the terminus of the Lewis-Clark expedition and was an important element of the United States’ claim to the Oregon Territory.  In 1941, it was the site of a Coast Guard station and other small military posts, as well as Tongue Point Naval Air Station and Clatsop County Airport. The latter supported Navy land-based aircraft during the war. There was a small shipyard here, Astoria Marine Construction, which by 1943 was constructing small warships such as submarine chasers. The naval station carried out a number of conversions of civilian ships to Navy auxiliaries, and many of the warships launched by Kaiser at Portland or Vancouver were formally commissioned here.

Fort Stevens, located west of Astoria (123.96W 46.20N), was the headquarters of Harbor Defenses, Columbia River, which included 18 Coast Artillery Regiment and 249 Coast Artillery Regiment.

Railroad connections



Stanton (2006)

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