Asakura Bunji

Asakura commanded heavy cruiser Takao at the start of the Pacific War, participating in the Aleutians operation at the time of the battle of Midway and in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. He was given command of Musashi on 7 December 1943 and was promoted to rear admiral just prior to participating in the Kon operation. He relinquished command of Musashi shortly thereafer to join the staff of Southern Fleet.

Following the surrender, Asakura was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for his involvement in the unlawful execution of eight Allied prisoners of war.

Service record

1894-7-6   born
Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 44th in a class of 95. Assigned to CL Yakumo
1917-8-17   CL Adzuma
1917-12-1 Ensign  
1918-7-16   BB Hizen
1918-12-1   Gunnery School Basic Course
1919-5-23   Torpedo School Basic Course
1919-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
DD Kiri
1920-6-1   CL Iwate
1921-5-25   DD Nashi
1921-12-1   BB Nagato
1922-12-1 Lieutenant
1923-12-1   DD Hakaze
1925-12-1   AS Jingei
1926-12-1   Instructor, Naval Academy
1928-12-10 Lieutenant commander     
Naval College A Course
1930-12-1   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 2
1931-12-1   Staff, 2 Fleet
1932-11-15   Navy General Staff
1933-11-15 Commander  
1934-11-15   Staff, Combined Fleet
1936-12-1   Staff, Bureau of Education, Department of Navigation
1938-11-15 Captain 1 Naval District
1938-12-15   Commander, AO Iro
1939-9-1   Trainer, Naval Academy
1941-7-25   Staff, 2 Fleet
1941-8-15   Commander, CA Takao
1943-2-23   Naval Shipbuilding Command
1943-3-5   Chief, S2, Burea of Administration, Naval Shipbuilding Command
1943-12-1   Staff, Combined Fleet
1943-12-6   Commander, BB Musashi
1944-5-1 Rear admiral
1944-8-2   Staff, 1 Southern Expeditionary Fleet
1944-8-16   Chief of staff, 1 Southern Expeditionary Fleet
1945-1-8   Chief of staff, 13 Air Fleet
1945-2-5   Chief of staff, 10 Area Fleet
1966-1-27   Dies


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