ASH Airborne Radar

Diagram of ASH (AN/APS-4) airborne  radar installation
Naval History and Heritage Command


3 cm
Power 1 kW
Range 5 nautical miles (9 km) on aircraft
15 nautical miles (30km) submarine
30 nautical miles (55km) on merchant ship
75 nautical miles (140km) coastline
3 degrees
B scope at all ranges
G scope at shortest range
180 lbs
From about 1943-10

Also known as AN/APS-4, the ASH airborne radar was mounted in Avengers escorted by Hellcats. It was intended to be a general purpose radar capable of both air and surface search as well as navigation and homing. The main components were mounted in a pod resembling a depth bomb that was mounted on a bomb rack.

The system had four range settings, for 4, 20, 50, and 100 nautical miles (6, 30, 80, and 160 km). The system was equipped with IFF.

Though rather too large and complex for effective use in fighters, a number of sets were installed in the F6F-5E Hellcat night fighter. These were eventually superceded by the much more suitable AN/AP-6 gunsight radar


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