Ariga Kosaku (1897-1945)

Photograph of Ariga Kosaku

Wikimedia Commons

Ariga Kosaku was a captain in command of Destroyer Division 4 at the Battle of Midway.  His flagship, the Arashi, picked up an American torpedo bomber pilot, who was questioned and then executed.  Ariga went on to become a rear admiral and was given command of Yamato in December 1942. Ariga chose to go down with Yamato on her final voyage in 1945, when she was attacked and sunk by hundreds of American carrier aircraft. He is reported to have tied himself to the compass binnacle to ensure that his body would not wash to the surface. Had he not perished in combat, he would probably have been hanged by the Allies.

Service record

1897-8-21   born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 58th in a class of 89. Assigned to Iwate
1918-7-11   Hyuga
1918-8-1 Ensign  
1918-12-1   Torpedo School Basic Course
1919-5-23   Gunnery School Basic Course
1919-12-1   DD Minazuki
1920-4-1   DD Nenohi
1920-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
DD Akebono
1920-12-25   Aoi
1922-5-15   DD Hatsuharu
1922-11-20   Nagato
1923-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1924-10-1   Akikaze
1926-9-25   DD-31
1927-12-1   Naka
1928-12-10   Kiso
1929-11-1   Commander, Yugao
1929-11-30 Lieutenant commander
1930-12-1   Commander, Fuyo
1932-1-28   1 Naval District
1932-2-12   Commander, Tachikaze
1933-11-1   Destroyer Division 5
1933-11-15   Commander, Matsukaze
1934-11-1   Commander, Inazuma
1935-10-15   Staff, Chinkai Guard District
1935-11-15 Commander
1937-12-1   Executive officer, Sendai
1938-12-15   Commander, Minesweeper Division 1
1939-11-15   Commander, Destroyer Division 11
1940-11-15 Captain  
1941-6-18   Commander, Destroyer Division 4
1943-2-20   1 Naval District
1943-3-1   Commander, Chokai
1944-6-6   1 Naval District
1944-7-10   Chief Instructor, Torpedo School
1944-11-6   Staff, 2 Fleet
1944-11-25 Rear admiral
Commander, Yamato
1945-4-7 Vice admiral
Killed in action


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