The principal port of Guam, Apra (144.666E 13.426N) included the small Piti Naval Yard. The harbor itself was cramped, shallow, and largely open to the sea, making it unsuitable for a fleet anchorage. However, it was strategically located as a base for light forces. The navy yard had a 25,000 barrel fuel oil tank farm, and there was a 170,000 gallon Standard Oil gasoline tank farm

Climate Information:

Temperatures: Jan 78, Apr 80, Jul 80, Oct 79

Rainfall: Jan 24/4.6, Apr 19/3.0, Jul 24/9.0, Oct 27/13.1 == 88.5" per annum


Dunnigan and Nofi (1998)

Morison (1948)

Pearce and Smith (1990)

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