Anyang (114.35E 36.10N) was originally founded as Shang, capital of an ancient regional power as early as the 17th century B.C.  Coal was mined in the nearby Liuhokow fields starting in 1900.  Though just 3% of China's coal reserves were located in Honan province, by 1941 the mines were relatively well developed and accounted for much of China's coal production (560,000 tons per year.)  The coal was of coking quality, making it of particular importance to the Japanese, whose 14 Division seized Anyang on 20 October 1937 after it was abandoned by 20 Army Group.

The city and mines remained in Japanese hands until after the surrender. However, the airfield and rail repair depot was raided by Mustangs of 312 Fighter Wing between November 1944 and February 1945.

Rail connections




Cohen (1949)

Wen (1971)

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