Anking (Anqing; 117.05E 30.50N), a river port located on a relatively narrow section of the Yangtze River in central China, was established as a military prefecture in 1217.  It was a center of the Taiping (Boxer) Rebellion in 1861.  Opened to foreign trade in 1876, it was slow to develop due to a poor communications network and lack of nearby resources.

Some 2000 troops from Taiwan Brigade captured the city on 13 June 1938 after the defending 20 Army had held for just a single day. The Japanese landed behind the defenses, outmaneuvering the Szechuan defenders, and their commander, Yang Sen, fled and was never heard from again.

The city was garrisoned by the Ankei Special Naval Landing Force when war broke out, and there was an airfield nearby.

River connections (Yangtze):




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