Digital relief map of Anhwei province, China

Anhwei (Anhui) is a province of eastern China incorporating portions of the Yangtze River valley and of the north China plain. Most of the province is flat, fertile,and heavily populated, but the southwest portion of the province takes in part of the Tapieh (Dabie) Mountains while the southeastern portion takes in the Huangshan Mountains. The provincial capital is Hofei (117.283E 31.867N) and there were major river ports at Wuhu and Anking.

Resources included iron deposits along the south bank of the Yangtze near Wuhu, coal fields north of Hofei, and copper deposits in the area between Anking and Wuhu. However, most of the economy of the province revolved around production of wheat, rice, and sweet potatoes, and the province was relatively poor and undeveloped.

Much of the province was overrun by the Japanese in May-June 1938, although the mountainous terrain continued to provide refuge for guerrillas.

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