Alor Class, Dutch Coastal Minesweepers

Photograph of Alor-class minesweeper

Via Visser (2012). Fair use may apply.



131 tons standard displacement


103'7" by 17'7" by 6'
31.57m by 5.36m by 1.83m

Maximum speed      

12 knots




2 37mm/23 Hotchkiss AA guns
2 7.7mm machine guns
1-shaft Werkspoor diesel (300 hp)

The Alors were completed in 1938 at Priok (the port of Batavia). They were designed to transport small amounts of goods or small numbers of persons around the East Indies archipelago, but were commandeered as minesweepers at the outbreak of hostilities.

All were scuttled on 1 or 2 March 1942 at Priok to prevent their capture by the Japanese. However, Bantam was salvaged by the Japanese and recommissioned as Cha-117. She was torpedoed on 23 July 1945 off Bali by Hardhead.

Units in the Pacific:

Alor Scuttled by 1942-3-2
Aroe Scuttled by 1942-3-2
Bantam Scuttled by 1942-3-2.
Raised by the Japanese as Cha-117. Torpedoed 1945-7-23 off Bali by Hardhead
Bogor Scuttled by 1942-3-2
Ceram Scuttled by 1942-3-2
Cheribon       Scuttled by 1942-3-2


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