Akitsushima, Japanese Seaplane Tender

Photograph of seaplane tender Akitsushima
Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 4650 tons standard
Dimensions 386'11" by 51'10" by 17'9"
117.93m by 15.80m by 5.41m
Maximum speed       19 knots
Aircraft 1 seaplane
Armament 2x2 5"/40 dual-purpose guns
2x2 25mm/60 AA guns
2-shaft diesel (8,000 shp)
1944: Added an additional 2x3 25mm guns

The Akitsushima, completed 19 April 1942 at Kawasaki-Kobe, was the first of what was to be a family of small seaplane or flying boat tenders. However, she was the only unit completed. She was sunk by aircraft on 24 September 1944 at Coron Bay in the Philippines.


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