Akashi (134.98E 34.66N) is a port on Japan's Inland Sea. Kawasaki K.K. had a factory here that produced Ki-45 Nick and Ki-36 Ida aircraft.

Kawasaki K.K. Aircraft Plant

The production schedule of this aircraft plant was approximately as follows:

Aircraft Type Airframes Per Month Starting Month Ending Month
Ki-45 Nick
51 1942-9 1944-12
Ki-36 Ida
4 <1941-12 1942-11

On 19 January 1944, this factory was heavily damaged in the last daylight Superfortress raid conducted by Hansell before his relief by LeMay. Some 62 B-29s dropped 152.5 tons of bombs under unusually favorable weather conditions. However, most of the machine tools survived to be moved to different locations, an illustration of the unexpected resilience of machine tools to high explosives.

Rail Connections




Francillon (1979)
Frank (1999)

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