Akagi Maru Class, Japanese Auxiliary Cruisers

Prewar photograph of Asaka Maru Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 7390 gross register tons
Dimensions 470' by 62' by 27'
143m by 19m by 8m
Maximum speed       18 knots
Armament 5 6"/50 guns
1 3"/40 AA gun
2 7.7mm machine guns
1-shaft Mitsubishi-Sulzer diesel (8000 shp)

The Akagi Marus were merchant ships of the Nippon Yusen line converted to a commerce raiding role.

Asaka Maru carried out an important intelligence mission prior to the breaking out of war in the Pacific, leaving Yokohama on 16 January 1941 for the Panama Canal and Portugal. She carried a Navy delegation to Germany to learn more about radar, military technology in general, production methods, and German records of regions of the South Pacific formerly under German rule. She was later used to transport prisoners of war from Singapore to Japan. However, she was not carrying prisoners of war when she was sunk.

Units in the Pacific:

Awata Maru      Kuriles
Converted to a transport in 1943. Sunk 1943-10-22 in East China Sea by Grayback
Asaka Maru      Kuriles Converted to a transport in 1943. Sunk by aircraft 1944-10-12 off Pescadores

Akagi Maru     

Converted 1942-1-1 (Osaka)      

Sunk by aircraft 1944-2-17 off Truk

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