Activity, British Escort Carrier

Photograph of HMAS Activity

Fleet Air Arm Museum. Via


Tonnage 11,800 tons standard
Dimensions 512'9" by 66'6" by 26'1"
156.3m by 20.3m by 8.0m
Maximum speed 18 knots
Complement 700
Aircraft 490' (149.4m) flight deck
1 elevator
10 aircraft
Armament 1x2 4"/45 dual-purpose guns
10x2, 4x1 20mm AA guns
2-shaft 6-cylinder Burmeister & Wain diesel (12,000 bhp)
Bunkerage 2000 tons diesel fuel
20,000 gallons (75,700 liters) aviation gasoline
Type 272 surface search radar
Type 281 air search radar
Type 127 sonar
Ammunition cargo     
10 18" torpedoes
36 500 lb SAP bombs
96 250 lb SAP bombs
144 Mark XI depth charges

The Activity was completed in 1942 and was a conversion of the fast refrigerator ship Telemachus. She had a steel flight deck, but no catapult. Though tall at 21 feet (7m), her hangar deck was less than 100 feet (30m) long, small compared with U.S. escort carrier designs. This permitted only a very small air group. The air group varied from six torpedo planes and four fighters to four torpedo planes and six fighters.

She saw service in the Arctic before being sent to the Far East in 1945 with replacement aircraft.


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