AB-Tei class, Japanese River Gunboats

Photograph of AB-Tei armored boat

Takizawa (accessed 2012-6-16). Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 30 tons
Dimensions 56'1" by 11'6"
17.1m by 3.5m
Maximum speed       13 knots
Complement 13
Armament 1 57mm gun
2x2 7.7mm machine guns
6mm on turrets and steering house
1-shaft 350PS diesel

The AB-Tei or armored boat was introduced in 1927 by the Japanese Army to provide gunfire support for landing operations. By the time war broke out in the Pacific, it was being used in China for patrol of the smaller rivers and canals.


Takizawa (accessed 2012-6-16)

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