40mm/40 Vickers Medium Antiaircraft Gun

Photograph of 40mm Vickers AA gun

U.S. Army. Via


AP, contact and time fused HE

Weight of round

2 lbs
0.91 kg


1969 feet/s
600 m/s

Maximum elevation      

85 degrees


14,000 yards
13,000 meters


23,000 feet
7000 meters

Rate of fire

200 rounds per minute

This was an entirely different weapon from the famous Bofors. It was manufactured in England and some 500 guns and 200 mounts were imported to Japan during the late 1920s and early 1930s. These were used on a number of major Japanese warships. The gun was being replaced by the 25mm/60 antiaircraft gun at the time war broke out in the Pacific.

The gun came in both twin and single mounts. Both were used in land warfare, and armor piercing rounds were supplied for use against tanks and armored landing craft.


Campbell (1985)

"Handbook on Japanese Military Forces" (1944-19; accessed 2013--23) (accessed 2010-2-28)

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