3TL Class, Japanese Tankers


Tonnage 9,961 gross register tons
15,067 deadweight tons
Dimensions 516'1" by 65'7" by 29'6"
157.30m by 19.99m by 8.99m
Maximum speed       19 knots
1-shaft turbine
Range 8000 nautical miles (12,900 km) at 16 knots

The 3TLs were standardized tankers. They were designed for mass production rather than commercial economy, like the American Liberty Ships. However, they were a bit sturdier and faster than the 2TLs, which made them a bit less vulnerable to submarines.

Three of these ships were launched in 1945 before the surrender. A fourth was taken in hand for completion as an aircraft carrier, but was never completed. A fifth was completed as a tanker following the surrender.


Heal (2003)

Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

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