3TE Class, Japanese Tankers


Tonnage 870 gross register tons
1608 deadweight tons
Dimensions 210'11" by 31'2" by 15'2"
64.29m by 9.50m by 4.62m
Maximum speed       11 knots
1-shaft diesel
Range 2000 nautical miles (3200 km) at 9.5 knots

The 3TEs were standardized coastal tankers. The design was standardized by the Ministry of Communications, with assistance from the Navy Ministry, early in 1942, and was based on uniform specifications adopted by several yards prior to the war. They were designed for mass production rather than commercial economy, like the American Liberty Ships.

The ships were based on the 3E design but converted for tanker usage. They were notorious for the unreliability of their diesel engines, which were based on an older design and malfunctioned with astonishing frequency.

Eleven of these ships were completed in 1944.


Heal (2003)

Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

Parillo (1993)

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