2AT Class, Japanese Tankers


Tonnage 6600 gross register tons
11,200 deadweight tons
Dimensions 448'8" by 59'8" by 36'5""
136.75m by 18.19m by 11.10m
Maximum speed       13 knots
1-shaft turbine (3500 shp)
3 boilers
Capacity 60,000 barrels
9,500,000 liters

The 2ATs were ships of the 2A class converted on the ways to tankers by installing large storage tanks in their cargo holds. These were not integral with the hulls and could be removed to revert the ships to dry cargo ships. A number of 2AT tankers were so converted following the fall of the Philippines, which cut the sea lanes to the oil fields of southeast Asia and thereby reduced the usefulness of tankers.

Units in the Pacific:

Shiyo Maru
Completed 1944-3-15
Torpedoed 1944-11-23 by Picuda west of Tsushima
Toshikawa Maru
Completed 1944-3-15
Sunk by aircraft 1944-10-19 at Manila
Amahi Maru
Completed 1944-4-20
Sunk by aircraft 1944-9-24 at Manila
Jakaruta Maru
Completed 1944-5-15

Kenjo Maru
Completed 1944-5-31
Torpedoed 1944-12-7 by Segundo and Razorback north of Luzon
Eikyo Maru
Completed 1944-8-15
Torpedoed by Dace and beached 1944-10-14 on Labuan.
Einin Maru
Completed 1944-8-19

Daimei Maru
Completed 1944-8-24
Torpedoed 1944-11-3 by Gurnard 200 miles northwest of Miri
Daishu Maru
Completed 1944-8-28
Torpedoed 1945-4-29 by Cero off Kamaishi
Enryaku Maru
Completed 1944-8-31

Eiwa Maru
Completed 1944-9-3
Sunk by aircraft 1944-11-13 off Manila
Tamon Maru #15
Completed 1944-9-5
Mined 1945-1-26 off Hone Cape, French Indochina
Ebara Maru
Completed 1944-9-8
Torpedoed 1944-10-25 by Tang in Taiwan Strait.
Asokawa Maru
Completed 1944-9-14
Sunk by aircraft 1945-3-28 near Cam Ranh
Yamamura Maru     
Completed 1944-9-20
Converted to dry cargo 1945-3-15
Asakasan Maru     
Completed 1944-9-22
Torpedoed 1944-11-18 by Peto 100 miles southwest of Korea
Enki Maru
Completed 1944-9-22
Torpedoed 1945-1-31 by Boarfish off An Nhon, French Indochina
Daito Maru
Completed 1944-9-26
Converted to dry cargo 1945-3. Sunk by aircraft 1945-8-9 off Rashin.
Yamazono Maru
Completed 1944-9-28
Converted to dry cargo 1945-2-15
Awakawa Maru Completed 1944-9-30
Daietsu Maru
Completed 1944-10-6
Torpedoed 1945-1-31 by Boarfish and finished off by aircraft off French Indochina
Ohtsusan Maru
Completed 1944-10-6
Sunk by aircraft 1945-1-12 25 miles northeast of Binh Dinh, French Indochina
Ojikasan Maru
Completed 1944-10-15
Converted to dry cargo 1945-3-20. Torpedoed 1945-6-13 by Bonefish off Inchon,
Akikawa Maru     
Completed 1944-10-18     
Torpedoed 1944-12-2 by Sea Devil off Shichito Islands, Japan
Daiei Maru
Completed 1944-10-18
Mined 1945-6-3 off Shimonoseki
Dairetsu Maru
Completed 1944-10-20
Converted to dry cargo 1945-2-28.
Shinyu Maru
Completed 1944-10-23

Enkei Maru
Completed 1944-10-30

Eisho Maru
Completed 1944-10-31

Engen Maru
Completed 1944-11-3
Torpedoed 1945-2-6 by Pampanito 260 miles south of Saigon
Daigyo Maru
Completed 1944-11-12
Torpedoed 1945-2-7 by Guavina 150 miles northeast of Dungun, Malaya
Encho Maru
Completed 1944-11-16
Converted to dry cargo 1945-4-4
Oesan Maru
Completed 1944-11-28

Shingi Maru
Completed 1944-11-29
Sunk by aircraft 1945-5-6 in Inland Sea
Tamon Maru #16     
Completed 1944-11-30     
Mined 1945-8-12 100 miles northwest of Iki Tettoshiima, Japan
Yamazawa Maru
Completed 1944-12-6
Sunk by aircraft 1945-1-21 off Takao
Dainan Maru
Completed 1944-12-30
Sunk by aircraft 1945-5-5 25 miles east of Ikijima, Japan
Toyohi Maru
Completed 1944-12-30
Torpedoed 1945-5-4 by Tinosa 250 miles southeast of Hong Kong
Tatsuyo Maru
Completed 1944-12-7
Torpedoed 1945-1-8 by Barb 30 miles northwest of Taichung, Formosa.
Yamanami Maru
Completed 1945-1-15
Converted to dry cargo 1945-3-10
Daiha Maru #1
Completed 1945-1-19
Mined 1945-7-23 off Karatsu, Japan
Seiko Maru
Completed 1945-2-15
Mined 1945-8-19 near Nanao, Japan
Yahiko Maru
Completed 1945-2-24

Nissan Maru #1     
Completed 1945-3-15
Mined 1945-5-26 off Shimonoseki


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Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

Parillo (1993)

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