Urakami Maru, Japanese Repair Ship

Photograph of repair ship Urakami Maru prior to conversion Fair use may apply


Tonnage 4317 tons displacement
Dimensions 356'6" by 49'5" by ?
108.7m by 15.1m by ?
Maximum speed       13 knots
2 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
1-shaft geared turbine

The Urakami Maru was completed as a cargo ship for the Fukuyo Kisen K.K. Line in 1941. She was requisitioned by the Japanese Navy and completed her conversion to an "auxiliary specially installed construction warship" on 25 January 1942 at Sasebo Navy Yard.

Urakami Maru was bombed on 30 March 1944 by aircraft at Malakal Harbor, Koror, Palau.

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Zimm (2011)

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