Suifenho (Suifenhe; 131.145E 44.397N) was a fortified town on the Manchurian side of the border with Russia. The Japanese heavily fortified the area, with 295 concrete pillboxes, 145 timber and earth pillboxes, 69 armored cupolas, and 55 artillery positions, and supporting positions in the area by August 1945. The garrison was drawn from 5 Army throughout the Pacific War.

Suifenho was bypassed by elements of 5 Army on 8 August 1945, the first day of the Soviet offensive in Manchuria. The Russians quickly crushed all resistance from 124 Division defending the area and advanced 50 miles (80 km) in two and a half days. This laid open the road to Mutanchiang.

Rail connections



Glantz (2003)

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