Shimakaze, Japanese Destroyer

Photograph of destroyer Shimakaze

Wikimedia Commons


Tonnage 2567 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 413'5" by 36'9" by 13'7"
125m by 11.2m by 4.14m
Maximum speed       39 knots
Armament 3x2 5"/50 DP guns
3x2 25mm/50 AA guns
3x5 24" torpedo tubes
2 depth charge tracks (18 depth charges)
2-shaft Kampon geared turbine (75,000 shp)
3 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 550 tons fuel oil
Range 1400 nautical miles (2600 km) at 30 knots
Type 22 radar
Modifications Light antiaircraft may have been increased to as much as 28 25mm/60 AA guns and 4 13mm/76 machine guns before the ship was lost.

Shimakaze was commissioned on 10 May 1943 at Maizuru Navy Yard. She used a new type of experimental high-pressure machinery and was was extremely fast and well-armed, with an impressive battery of Long Lance torpedoes. She was possibly the most powerful destroyer of the Second World War. However, she was expensive to construct, and sixteen sister ships originally projected were never ordered.

Shimakaze participated in the Aleutians evacuation and in the major fleet actions of 1944 before being sunk by carrier aircraft while on a "Tokyo Express" run to Leyte on 11 November 1944.

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