SC Search Radar

Photograph of SC search radar antenna
National Archives #80-G-413462


Wavelength 1.36 m
Pulse Width 5 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
60 Hz
Scan rate 5 rotations per minute
Power 100 kW
200 kW (SC-1)
Range 30 nautical miles (60 km) (bomber)
10 nautical miles (20 km) (battleship)
3 nautical miles (6 km) (destroyer)
SC-1 doubled these ranges.
8'6" x 6'11.5" (259cm by 212cm) 4x3 dipole array
"A" scope
Accuracy 300 feet/5 degrees
90 meters/5 degrees
Resolution 1500 feet/10 degrees
460 meters/10 degrees
Altitude accuracy 2000 feet
600 meters
1800 lbs
816 kg
Production: 400

The SC and its close derivative, SC-1 were small CXAM-type radars used on naval vessels.  Available at start of war, SC was fitted to a great many Allied ships, large and small, in 1941. 

They were not much liked by the fleet. The antenna was turned manually using a hand wheel, and an operator attempting to track multiple contacts on the simple "A" scope was likely to be overwhelmed. The console allegedly generated so much heat during operation that it was used to keep coffee pots warm.


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