Santa Maria

Photograph of early development of
        oilfields near Santa Maria

Library of Congress. Via Wikimedia Commons

Santa Maria (120.437W 34.937N) was the location of an oilfield in central California. Production was about a 300,000 barrels a year during the war years.

Land had been purchased for an airfield southwest of Santa Maria (120.46W 34.90N) by the time war broke out in the Pacific. By May 1942 the field was ready to receive bombers. By late 1943 it had become clear that the airfield was unsuitable for bomber operations due to an inadequate soil base under the runways, and the base became a major training base for pilots of P-38 Lightning fighters.

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California State Military Department (accessed 2008-6-28)

Van Royen and Bowles (1952)

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