San Bernardino

(117.294W 34.108N) San Bernardino was a communications center and the county seat of San Bernardino County, a large region of California long mined for its gold and tungsten, of which significant quantities were still being exploited at the time of the Pacific War. Under wartime demand, the Atolia tungsten mine (117.609W 35.315N) was reopened in 1943. Production in the San Bernardino area was about 1630 tons per year by the time the war ended.

Henry Kaiser raised over $100 million to build an integrated steel plant at nearby Fontana (117.475W 34.110N) which, together with Geneva Steel, was one of the first two such plants in the western United States. The plant featured 90 coke ovens handling 1,740 tons of coal per day; a 1200-ton blast furnace nicknamed "the Bess" (after Kaiser's wife) that produced 438,000 tons of steel per year; six 158-ton open hearth furnaces producing 675,000 tons of ingot per year; and rolling mills with a capacity of 472,000 tons of steel products.

Rail connections






Klein (2013)

Vredenburgh (accessed 2007-3-12)

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