Revenge Class, British Battleships

Photograph of Revenge-class battleship

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Tonnage 29,150 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 620'6" by 88'6" by 30'9"
189.1m by 27.0m by 9.4m
Maximum speed       22 knots
Complement 1009
Aircraft 1 catapult
1 seaplane
Armament 4x2 15"/42 guns
12x1 6"/45 guns
2x8, 2x4 4"/45 dual-purpose guns
2x8 2pdr AA guns
Protection 8870 tons:
13" (330mm) belt
6" (152mm) bulkheads
1.5" (38mm) upper deck
2" (51mm) main deck
4" (102mm) deck over steering gear
2.5" (64mm) lower deck
13"/11"/4.5" (330mm/279mm/114mm) turret face/sides/roof
10" (254mm) barbettes
11" (279mm) conning tower
1.5" (38mm) torpedo bulkheads
Torpedo bulges
4-shaft direct-drive Parsons turbines (40,000 shp)
18 Babcock & Wilcox boilers
Bunkerage 3400 tons fuel oil
Range 7200 nautical miles (13,300 km) at 13 knots
Radar regularly updated.
1943: Added 14x1, 6x2 20mm Oerlikon AA guns

The Revenges were completed during the First World War as slightly smaller, cheaper versions of the Queen Elizabeth class that sacrificed some speed, stability, and underwater protection for steadiness and armor protection. Unfortunately, this meant that funds for modernization always seemed to go to the Queen Elizabeths and the Revenges underwent very little modernization between the wars. Aware of their obsolescence, Churchill considered them expendable and even proposed their use at one point as blockships. However, they were all that could be spared for the Far East after the destruction of Force Z.

Curiously, this perception that the Revenges were expendable may have increased their usefulness, as they were used aggressively in the Mediterranean early in the European war.

Units in the Pacific:


Arrived 1942-4-4

Withdrawn 1944


Arrived 1942-4-4

Withdrawn 1944


Arrived 1942-4-4

Withdrawn  1942-5

Royal Sovereign     
Arrived 1942-4-4
Withdrawn 1942


Royal Navy History (accessed 2007-9-8)

Worth (2001)

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