QGA Sonar

This sonar was installed on American destroyers beginning in 1944, superseding the QC sonar. It was mounted in a streamlined 100" (254 cm) dome intended to allow the sonar to be effective at high speeds, and it incorporated a Bearing Deviation Indicator to permit operators to quickly detect changes in bearing. It operated at 30 kHz for accurate bearings and 14 kHz for long range search. The high frequency transducer could be tilted to eliminate the blind spot directly beneath older sonars. Production took some time to ramp up, and some Allen M. Sumners were completed with QC.

Curiously, the highly effective QGA sonar was mounted on different platforms than the highly effective Hedgehog. Friedman (2004) speculates that this was because the purpose of Hedgehog was to allow an attack before the target passed into the blind spot that characterized earlier sonar models.


Friedman (2004)

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