In 1941, Pontianac (Pontianak; 109.344E 0.018S) was a small oil port on the west coast of Dutch Borneo, located on the mouth of the Kapuas River. The oil field here produced about 2.1 million barrels in 1940. The port itself could not accomodate ships with a draft in excess of 21 feet.

The Dutch first established a small fortress here in 1778.

The port was protected by about 750 militia of West Borneo Battalion when war broke out.  These retreated before the Japanese, who occupied the town on 29 January 1942 after staging a raid by nine G3M "Nells" of Mihoro Air Group on 19 December 1941.


Rottman (2002)

Willmott (1982)

Womack (2006)

Van Royen and Bowles (1952)

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