O-47, U.S. Observation Aircraft

Photograph of O-47 observation aircraft

U.S. Air Force

North American O-47B


Crew 3
Dimensions 46'4" by 33'3" by 12'1"
14.12m by 10.13m by 3.68m
Wing area 349 square feet
32.4 square meters
Weight 2980-7593 lbs
1350-3444 kg
Maximum speed       227 mph
365 km/h
Cruising speed
200 mph
322 km/h
Service ceiling 24,100 feet
7350 meters
Power plant 1 1060 hp (790 kW) Wright R-1820 Cyclone nine-cylinder radial engine
Armament 1 fixed wing 0.30 machine gun
1 flexible rear cockpit 0.30 machine gun
External stores 2 100 lb (45 kg) bombs
Range 840 miles
1352 kilometers

The O-47 observation monoplane was one of the first aircraft build by North American, to U.S. Army specifications. It was relatively advanced when it was first introduced in 1934, with an all-metal body and retracting landing gears. It had a distinctive deep underbody with the observer's station. However, it was obsolete in 1941, and saw service mainly as a trainer and target tug.


Gunston (1986)

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force (accessed 2012-2-3)

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