Landing Craft Repair Ships (ARL)

Photograph of landing craft repair ship

U.S. National Archives #19-N-78643

The United States discovered midway through the war that landing craft were prone to tremendous wear and tear and that it was uneconomical in shipping to take them back to a rear base for repair.  As a result, a number of LSDs were converted to repair ships for landing craft, as their internal dock was ideal for this purpose.  The other naval powers had no equivalent.

Turner also ordered experiments with LSTs converted to "landing craft tenders." Two LSTs were converted at forward bases in time for the Iwo Jima campaign. Each had living quarters for 340 sailors and cargo space for provisions, and gave hard-pressed crews of landing craft a place to rest when they were left at an invasion beach when their transports retired for the night. Though judged a success, landing craft tenders never became an official vessel type in the U.S. Navy.

U.S. landing craft repair ships

Achelous class


Morison (1959)

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