Ki-34 "Thora", Japanese Transport Aircraft

Photograph of AT-2 "Thora"

U.S. National Archives. Via Francillon (1979)

Nakajima Ki-34 "Thora"


Crew 3
Dimensions 65'0" by 50'3" by 13'7"
19.92m by 15.3m by 4.15m
Wing area 530 square feet
49.2 square meters
Weight 7716-11,574 lbs
3500-5250 kg
Maximum speed       224 mph at 11,025 feet
360 km/h at 3360 meters
Cruise speed 193 mph
310 km/h
Rate of climb       25 feet per second
7.5 meters per second
Ceiling 22,965 feet
7000 meters
Powerplant 2 780 hp (582 kW) Nakajima Ha-1b nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engines driving variable-pitch two-bladed propellers.
Range 745 miles
1200 km
Production A total of 351 aircraft were produced:
Nakajima (Ota):

1 prototype
32 AT-2 civilian production aircraft (1937-1940)
19 Ki-34 and L1N1 production aircraft (1937-1940)

Tachikawa (Tachikawa):

299 Ki-34 and L1N1 production aircraft (1939-1942)

The Ki-34 "Thora" was originally designed as the AT-2 civilian transport, based on such Western designs as the DC-2. It featured all-metal construction and fabric control surfaces. Performance was excellent and the design showed good stability. The Army liked the design and ordered production as communication and paratroop transport aircraft, starting in 1937. A small number were used by the Japanese Navy, which designated the aircraft as the L1N1.



Gunston (1988)

Wilson (1998)

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