Panoramic photograph of Kalgoorlie in 1930

W.E. Fretwell Collection. Via Wikimedia Commons

Kalgoorlie (121.46E 30.74S) is an important junction on the railroad from Perth to the population centers of southeastern Australia. Gold was found here in 1893 and contributed to the settlement of the area, and the Golden Mile remains one of the most productive gold fields in the world. Water is obtained by pipeline from the Mundaring Reservoir, 346 miles to the west.

Rail connections



Port Augusta

Climate Information:

Temperatures: Jan 93/64, Apr 78/55, Jul 62/43, Oct 78/52, record 115/29

Rainfall: Jan 3/0.4, Apr 4/0.9, Jul 7/0.9, Oct 4/0.7 == 9.7" per annum


City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Official Web Site (accessed 2011-12-16)

Pearce and Smith (1990)

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