(104.350E 52.283N) Located on the Angara River near Lake Baikal, the largest body of fresh water on the planet, Irkutsk definitely has a Siberian climate: cool in the summer and frigid in the winter, with winter lows sufficient at times to literally freeze the mercury in the thermometer.

Irkutsk was founded on an island in the Irkut River in 1683 and rapidly became the most important commercial center of central and eastern Siberia. The Trans-Siberian Railroad reached the city in 1898. Kolchak's White Russian forces were based here from 1917 to their defeat in 1920.

Coal is mined in the vicinity.

Rail connections


Ulan Ude

Climate Information:

Elevation 1532'

Temperatures: Jan 3/-15, Apr 42/20, Jul 70/50, Oct 41/21, record 98/-58

Rainfall: Jan 3/0.5, Apr 4/0.6, Jul 9/3.1, Oct 6/0.7 == 14.8" per annum


Pearce and Smith (1990)

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