Hugh L. Scott Class, U.S. Transports

Photograph of USS Tasker H. Bliss, a Hugh L. Scott class transport

U.S. Navy. Via


Tonnage 12,579 gross register tons
Dimensions 535'2" by 71'11" by 30'6"
163.12m by 21.92m by 9.30m
Maximum speed       16.5 knots
Complement 243
Passengers 2435

The Hugh L. Scotts were large, fast passenger liners built in 1921-1922 for the United States Shipping Board. Most were subsequently purchased by Dollar Line, then sold to American Presidents Line when Dollar Line ran into financial difficulties. Several were taken over by the Army for conversion to troop transports. They were relatively fast and spacious ships and performed well in their new role. Hugh L. Scott herself was originally the President Pierce and was returning from a reinforcement run to the Philippines when war broke out in the Pacific.

Both ships were transferred to the Navy in August 1942 after being withdrawn from the Pacific. They were both lost in the war against Germany.

Units in the Pacific:

Tasker H. Bliss      
under Army charter in the Pacific
Withdrawn 1942-7
Hugh L. Scott with the Louisville Convoy (near 171E 8S)     
Withdrawn 1942-7



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