Photograph of Fushun coal mine in 1940

"Old Manchuria." Via Wikipedia Commons

The enormous coal field at Fushun (123.853E 41.841N) was 10 miles (16 km) long, 2 miles (3 km) wide, and 350 feet (100 m) thick, and was producing 1.9 million tons a year in 1941. It had been exploited since the 12th century, but the Japanese established a large mechanized open-pit mine here that supplied most of the coal for Manchuria by 1941. The coal beds originally reached the surface to the west but were overlain by thick shale deposits to the east. The Japanese built extensive industrial facilities in the area and experimented with extraction of oil from nearby oil shale.

Fushun Massacre. In the late summer of 1932, Japanese forces pursuing Manchurian guerrillas massacred an estimated 2700 inhabitants of three villages near Fushun. The victims were taken from their homes, lined up along the edges of the main roads, and machine-gunned.

Rail connections



Cohen (1949)
Russell (1958)

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